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Game of awale, for the rules see below.

Rules of Awale-game

You play the game facing each other.  At the start of the game all trays contain 4 stones.  You always play from the side you’re sitting (6 trays) and you take turns.  You play anti-clockwise.

Starting point.  The arrows show the direction of the game.

The first player starts by taking 4 stones from any of his/her trays and spreading these over the next four trays.  In each succeeding tray you put 1 stone. It does not matter which of the 6 trays you start with, as long as it is from your side.

The encircled tray is the one you started playing with.

The second player also takes all 4 stones from any tray on his/her side and puts these over the next four trays.  There could already be 5 stones in a tray  because the first player may have ended on the second player’s side.

You carry on playing like this, until….

When in one of your opponent’s trays 2 or 3 stones are left, you can take these, if you have put the last stone in there yourself.  If there are 2 or 3 left in the preceding tray as well, you can also take these.  But you can’t take any on your side.

Look at the diagram where you can see you can’t take any stones from your own side.

If your playing tray is so full and you can continue for another round, you can skip that tray when you pass it.

If one of the players hasn’t got any stones left in his/her tray, you have to –if possible- spread out your stones in a way your opponent will have at least one stone on his/her side again.  The tray marked with a cross, indicates you can’t play that one.

The winner is the one with the most stones.  Here you’ll find an example of a finished game.

It’s all a matter of thinking ahead, good luck!!!!!!!!!